Investor Friendly AgentInvestor Friendly Agent

Investor friendly agents, know, in real estate you “Make your money when you buy not sell” since ROI is 80% related to your buying decision. Not everyone understands that you also lose at the same juncture. You can’t rely on luck that you will stumble upon a buyer willing to overpay for a property.

  • My Role

    I strive to be, an investor friendly agent, and one of the most important people on your team as your real estate agent. I will play a huge role in valuing a property as, after repair value, income estimation for rental and immediate value added situations along with many other factors that can make you money or lose you money.

  • NAR

    I am a Realtor and part of the National association of Realtors (NAR) and work by a strict code of ethics.

  • NAID

    My broker is authorized to deal with HUD homes and any type of residential property and has a valid and current NAID number.

  • Hands On

    I personally have been involved with 100’s of REO and Short Sale homes in every capacity from the beginning, property valuation, listing recommendations, market analysis, monthly reporting, field service, and closing.

  • Available

    I respond quickly day to call you back, which could mean the difference between getting an offer accepted or another buyer getting the property. As an investor friendly agent I am available by phone, email, text, skype, or watsup 7 days a week and usually respond immediately. If I go out of town I always have my computer and tablet with me and have a systematic way of handling request. In the event I am unavailable I will be sure to have one of our 16 other agents or my broker deal with any emergencies.

  • Multiple Offers

    Real estate investing can require making numerous offers, often all during the same day. Sometimes it requires throwing out numbers one after another until something sticks.

    • I understand that for an investor, making offers is largely a number’s game, and you be submitting 10 offers for every one that is accepted. For this reason I will get your parameters and information on file and create a profile for your offers. Then submitting an offer as easy as emailing me the address and amounts and getting your contract to your, and e-signing on your iPad, or computer within minutes, not hours. I am extremely Comfortable Making Offers and negotiating through the process. Systems and processes like these make both our jobs easier in handling each aspect of your business.
  • Honesty and Integrity

    I am an agent that will give it to you straight and I stand by my experience, research, and opinions.

  • Experience

    Ideally, you want an agent who has done her own real estate investing. Before my husbands first stroke we were heavily involved in flipping properties so I am very familiar with investing on a personal level, not simply as an agent. The calculator on this page is not a plugin purchased to look good but rather the actual numbers we used in making critical decisions of properties. We added the 50-72% rules to the bottom for those that like simple equations for this process.  I am not only investor friendly agent but I know what you need and have the ability to deliver it.

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