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Searching for Top Realtors ? Here are the top 10 Reasons you should choose Lynn Bown and the Anytime Realty team as your personal Top Realtors .

Top 10 Reasons – Top Realtor

1. Experience

    • We are the best choice. With an elite group of talented top Realtors, Anytime Realty sells over 300 homes per year! We outsell the big name companies through hard work and determination. Our per Realtor sales are one of the highest in this area. I am a skilled negotiator and work hard to get your house sold for the best price as quickly as possible. I give you the advantage of an experienced, locally owned and operated real estate office by your side throughout. With a focus on customer service we stand ready to serve all your real estate needs. Whether buying, selling or investing you have found the right agent to assist you. Top realtor experience and proven results.

2. Home Evaluation

    • Pricing your home is one of the most critical stages in getting what you want and getting it fast. I do a full evaluation of your home for features, neighborhood, layout, upgrades, schools and so much more. I then look at the sales trends in your neighborhood and consider the competition in your immediate area, and your needs based on what you are looking to get as your goal. This way we can arrive at a realistic opening price to list your house for on the market. Remember pre-approved buyers usually have a 10-15K range in their approval and they usually have a rough number that they will be satisfied with. Therefore they have their realtor search for houses in that range and rarely step out of it. Having your top Realtor set a realistic price means hitting the mark of the buyers search and moving your home quickly. I have been doing home valuations in this area full time for financial institutions for over 5 years and bring my expertise to you.
    • Guidance on selling your home is normal. Most owners sell a total of 2-5 homes in a lifetime. We sell homes every day, we are prepared for any issues that might arise in giving you the best guidance. From listing through selling your home and closing we are there Anytime for all of your house sale needs. I will have many useful suggestions on ways to improve the marketability of your property including cosmetic repairs, and other items that will create a great impression with buyers.
    • Market strategy is crucial in selling your home. We are experts in proactive sales of properties. Our marketing systems are extensive to give you the best exposure in selling your home and fully adaptable to fit your properties special features and needs. We navigate through the minefield of potential issues associated with the appraisal, inspections, and financing and tailor our marketing to fit your needs. Our top realtor strategy is based on years of experience, expertise, and marketing  from a locally owned and operated real estate office.

3. Best Technology

    • Our website is state of the art, giving buyers an easy to navigate search experience categorized into popular sections. We feature your home in a way that gives you the most exposure on our site and throughout the internet. We provide everything a buyer will need in making a decision, evaluating your home, getting financed, knowing his costs, and scheduling a visit to your property. Our site provides:
        • Fully responsive pages, meaning that it is fully view-able on mobile devices and personal computers
        • Forms and calculators that also work on mobile to make it easy for potential buyers to buy your home
        • MLS APP for Iphone, Android, Tablets, and other smart phone devices, so buyers have access 24/7 while on the go. In 2015 it is reported that 85% of all home sales involved buyers using mobile devices in their search.
    • SEO Search engine optimization is optimizing a website to be found by google representing 78% of the internet searches. Our engineer keeps on top of Google changes and what people are searching for in this local area and then tailors our optimization to fit searches made in Charlotte and Sarasota counties.
    • Syndication we do is to all the major home engines like Zillow, Trulia,, Craigslist and all the top realtor sites.
    • Social Media we use advanced techniques, posting your property to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Craigslist, Instagram and other social media sites on a regular basis to encourage views and sharing of your listing.
    • Home Personal Website we provide a personal site for your home and apply the SEO to your property getting you the most out of the internet searches. Your site will be something like and will be syndicated to home sites throughout the internet.
    • Online Rapid Response All of our efforts are focused on Lead Capture, providing multiple methods for buyers to schedule showings, ask questions, make comments, and share. Each response is then recorded into our database with name, phone, and email address and I get an email and text message seconds after the event. I personally follow up, usually within the hour, in order to take advantage of the leads while they are hot.
    • Lock Box We do not use the old combo boxes! We use supra key electronic lock boxes and every agent in the area has an electronic key to gain access to your property! This provides us with who is showing your property and when instantly so we can follow up to get opinions, suggestions, give more information and never miss a showing or opportunity to close on your property!
    • Pictures Visual Impression A pictures says a thousand words, we don’t let those words be of the negative kind. Taking professional pictures that feature your home is critical in this technology based world, so for this important part of the equation we do:
        • Virtual Tour, and not the slide show type. We provide a virtual tour with either clickable hot spots to travel room to room or interactive floor plans to both allow visualization of your home with the ability to use the floor plan as the guide for fast and easy viewing. We also highlight primary rooms with 360 degree panoramic pictures allowing buyers to see a virtual tour where they can zoom in, turn around and really get a tour of all corners of the room or scene. This takes a few hours to photograph and setup but is worth the work. For these 360 degree view pictures we use a Nikon D5300 DSLR camera with a 10mm fish-eye lens, a panoramic hydraulic head and 12 shots per room. We then professionally stitch the pictures together creating a seamless sphere bringing virtual reality of your home and allowing buyers to experience your home before they visit.
        • Still Pictures Getting the right angles, perspective, lighting and the best shot takes time and skill to display your home in the best light. For this we also use the Nikon D5300 DSLR body but with a 10-24mm lens which is the best lens on the market for interior home photography.
        • Tour we then combine the panoramic with the stills into a beautiful tour on your private home website. We put this on the MLS for all agents and buyers to see and we syndicate the tour to Youtube,,,,, Yahoo Real Estate,,,, Reachoo, OLX, and Trovit to get your tour seen by as many buyers as possible.  The complete tour with photography, preparation, hosting, and presentation for web and mobile devices, has a retail value of 750-1000 dollars but is a free and standard part of the value I offer in presenting your home tour.  DEMO PANORAMIC TOUR.
        • Virtual Staging Years ago, nobody worried about “staging” before putting their home on the market. But all that has changed. People are looking for immediate satisfaction and can picture themselves living in your home easier when it is furnished. If your home is vacant or new construction this can get expensive. Not anymore. We have the equipment and software to use computer images of furniture, pictures, rugs, plants and everything you need to stage an empty home in your picture tour to get the best views, concluding in a faster sale.  This service is costly but is included with any home you list through me over a 175,000 sale price.  Call for details.
    • Statistics all of this is for naught unless we are keeping track of your progress and results. For this reason we track impressions, views, and length of time buyers spend on your web pages, pictures, tours, on a daily basis.
    • Scheduling we employ an automated scheduler to accept showings into our appointment database and send out thank you emails with the scheduled confirmation. In most cases we attend the scheduled showing to be sure to highlight the best features of your home and get the most out of every visit.

4. Marketing

    • Canvasing on a new listing pays off! I personally visit the neighbors in your neighborhood and let them know your home is on the market and leave them with a brochure giving them the details for themselves or friends they may know that are looking for a home like yours.
    • Internet featured listing
    • Syndication Its all about the numbers! The more we syndicate the higher the chances of reaching the new owner of your home.
    • Social Media
    • Open houses In this high tech world, many Realtors have lost sight of the real reason for having the open house. I feel it is very important as it allows the curious to get a peak, the few buyers that attend a chance to meet them face to face in the home, and most importantly we broadcast every new listing to other real estate agents in the area letting them size up the property, give valuable opinions of presentation, value, and the market comparisons, and let them view the property before the rest so they can line their buyers up to make offers on your home.

5. Accessability

    • I, like the name of our brokerage, am available to you ANYTIME for anything you need on selling your home. I will take as much time as needed with you or with buyers and agents to be sure that negotiations are handled and questions are answered. I am available by phone, email, text, Skype, from early to late every day 7 days a week.

6. Communication

    • I have worked for years as a top Realtor in property evaluation and have gotten in a routine of expected communication by the banks and financial institutions. I provide communication above the norm in all matters.
        • Calling you, on a regular basis, to discuss any ideas or gathered opinions in my marketing
        • MSR Monthy Status Report
            • Agent showings
            • Scheduled showings
            • Statistics on the web, tours, pictures, questions, and comments
            • Support I will personally walk you through every issue, problem, and procedure so you are never alone in the process. If I don’t have the answer, I will do the research and work to find the best solution for you.
                • Weekly onsite inspections. If your home is vacant I do weekly inspections from drive by to interior checking for issues, changes, vandalism, broken pipes, being sure a realtor didn’t leave lights or the A/C on or any problems that may come up.
                • Occupancy checks. If your house is vacant I will check to be sure no one has gained access or to be sure when your tenants finally leave. Posting notices when needed.
                • Monthly or bi weekly as needed valuations. The local market can change quickly based on sales, competition, market shifts, interest rate and many other factors. To be sure we have your home priced in the best light and bracket I do followup evaluations so that we can get the most out of your property without losing any opportunities.
                • Meeting FPL, Vendors, or Agents. Whenever needed I will show up for needed appoints and especially for showings and sales related opportunities, whether you cannot make it or if you need me by your side as your personal agent.

7. Disclosure

    • There are many things that may come up that effect you and the sale of your property. From the initial listing all the way through closing there are scores of things you need to be aware of and make educated decisions on. I will provide you everything I encounter and disclose every step of my marketing, negotiations, and other processes so you can have full disclosure and peace of mind in all matters.

8. Honesty

    • You may not always like what I have to say but you will always get my honest answers and opinions regardless of situation. This is the policy I live by, work by, and only way I deal with clients, friends, partners, and business associates.

9. Reputation

    • Anytime Realty is known in the local real estate community as a listing leader. We pride ourselves in great relationships with other brokers and top realtors. We are available and accessible and are a pleasure to work with for sellers, buyers, and other agents. We have a reputation for contract knowledge, professionalism and friendly working relationships. Keeping our stellar reputation is easy, we always put our clients first and stand for our principals, ethics, and working principles. When you stand strong on your principles the reputation part is just a natural reflection of your good works and efforts. You cant have a good reputation without working for it and “I will show you my faith by my works” James 2:18

10. Results

The map speaks for itself – top Realtor!  This map represents our recent sold listings. As you can see we SELL a lot of local properties! We are local listing leaders. Give us a call today to get your home sold and added to our sold map.

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